He is the younger brother of Prince Orrin (Prince of The Arrow) , however he and his brother are described to be as different as day and night, as morning and twilight.


He was born one year after his Brother Orrin.

King of Thorns Edit

He proposed to Kathrine, but was declined in favour of his brother, Orrin. Egan does hunger for Kathrine though.

He betrays Orrin under Sageous's influence, becoming the new Prince of The Arrow.

He accepts Jorg's challenge to a duel, and is promptly shot by a gun. Jorg uses his necromancy powers to convince Egan to adopt him, call him brother by saying he can save him. Egan is overrun by his men short after, making Jorg the new Prince of The Arrow.


"Egan asked with short words and long dark looks"- Kathrine in King of Thorns
He is described as a man of passion. A man who would kill a weak woman in his bed, but a strong one might find, that's the only place they've ever felt alive.

His passions are killing, riding and travelling.

Egan speaks without hesitation and with honesty. He was described as a man who to get his way, carves it with a sword.


"Egan with his hair short and blacker than sot, his skin holding a stain from the summer sun, and his face that would be brutal and fit on a butcher or executioner, but for the fire behind it, the energy that sets the short hair on your arms and neck on end"- Kathrine in the King of Thorns