Justice was a sort of wolf-hound that belonged to Jorg Ancrath and his brother William. It was so big that when William was four years old, he could ride on its back. When both Jorg and Will attempted to ride it he would shake both of them off and nip Jorg's leg.

Jorg mentioned him when he encounters the dog of Prince Orrin. Apparently due to Justice, he was hesitant to kill the dog, showing some sentimentality.

Justice was killed by Jorg's father when he was six, after Jorg broke a snow globe as a lesson. Jorg was forced to break three legs of it, under the threat that otherwise the dog will burn. Not wanting the dog to burn, Jorg broke leg after leg. However he couldn't break a the last one. So his father threw a torch at Justice, which caused his death. Jorg later dragged the corpse to a graveyard to bury it(King of Thorns).