Prince Orrin, also called Prince of Arrow, was the ruler of the Arrow land. He has a brother called Egan, who in contrast to him dreams in red. It appears he has traveled extensively and knows, truly knows the empire.

Personality Edit

"Oh my brothers, the way he spoke them. More subtle than Sageou's gentle traps, even that heathen witch with his dream weaving skills would envy this kind of persuasion" - Jorg Ancrath in King of Thorns
Prince Orrin was a master orator who could persuade almost anybody to follow him. He also had a look around him that added to this, a look of honesty and trust. This made even Jorg believe that he truly cared about the people and would rule with a fair hand. Orrin was also very cunning and smart, to a point where Jorg was infuriated by him as he knew how many men were hiding, he even knew Jorg's identity despite his disguise.

The Prince also has a vision for a united empire with him as the emperor. He believes that the only thing that will change is that there will be no more war.

He always portrayed his brother's faults in a good light, and tried to keep him by his side.

Orrin loved reading old books that are classics to the 21st century. He read many different ones, scribbling in the margins and was quite the scholar.

The Prince also demonstrated tremendous will power saying that he will be the puppeteer of Sageous, not the other way around. He proved this to be true, shielding his dreams with golden layers, a stark contrast to Jorg Ancrath's briar's and storms.

Appearance Edit

"Orrin as blond as a Jarl and handsome as the princes painted in those books to delight princesses..." - Katherine in King of Thorns
Like many of the line of the Emperor, Orrin was fair, thick of arm and pleasing to the eye. He had a habit of smiling a lot.

History Edit

He was born with a prophecy about him, that the Prince of Arrow would unite all broken kingdoms. That gilded gates would open.

King of Thorns Edit

Orrin makes his first appearance in Jorg's kingdom. Beating Jorg into the dust. Telling him to surrender his kingdom and become his steward.

Orrin proposes and weds Katherine. She carries him no children and he feels sad over this.

He was later murdered by his brother who was under the influence of Sageous.