Sageous is a witch that specializes in dream-magic. He has been in the employ of Olidan Ancrath and Prince Orrin of Arrow.


Sageous first encounters Jorg when Jorg returns to the Tall Castle to talk to his father. After Jorg successfully destroys one of Olidan's main adversaries, Sageous flees. He later returns, and then when Prince Orrin of Arrow rises to power he works for him. During the Siege of the Haunt, Katherine uses her own dream magic to allow Jorg to kill Sageous.


Sageous is shorter than the average man, with tanned skin completely covered in magic tattooed lettering.

Skills Edit

Sageous specializes in dream-magic, such as putting The Nuban and Jorg in a deep sleep long enough for a hunter under Sageous's employ to creep up on them and almost kill them. He can enter dreams, influence dreams, and is powerful enough to be considered a Player in the Hundred War.